Our organization, Education for Better Future (EfBF) is geared to help enhance the quality of education of our deprived or underpriveleged youth in the Philippines. 

It aims to support and fund projects for the chosen individual student or school  that needs support.

Another objective is to actively provide aids (relief goods or supplies) to humanity who are undergoing difficulties as a result of poverty or calamities.

As for our humble beginning, seeing the circumstances now in Haiti, we would like to help participate in rebuilding the school infrastructure.

We just put up our organisation (begin february) because we think, even that there is a global crisis, that we all can help those people with small things. Later we hope to inform you more about our projects.

We also plan in the future to start a kind of "sponsorship" for the students. By this way we hope that schools here in Belgium want to participate our EfBF and give children and their parents a better future.

In this regard, we humbly call on your generosity to help participate in fulfilling our mission. Any help you extend will be greatly appreciated.

On 5 september we visited the "Wereldfeest OndersteBoven" to give visibility to our organisation.


At this time we are helping a school disabled children. For that project we look for the next things:

Physical Therapy Needs
1.Electrical Stimulators-physical theraphy modality necessary for nerve stimulation.
3.Ankle weights for kids
4.Playpen Balls
5.Rubber Mats
6.Multivitamins and medicines for fever & cough- to improve overall health condition of children with dissabilities.
7.Refrigerator- for storage of ice packs needed for cryotherapy.

Occupational Therapy Needs
1.Divider-separates OT room from PT area inorder to lessen distraction and infrussion.
2.Educational toys
3.Children's chair & table

If you can help us with this, please contact us for further information or details.

De Heuf 15 bus 4
3900 Overpelt, Belgium

e-mail: info@efbf.eu

Rabobank : 844-0379256-13
IBAN : BE08844037925613